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An Authorised Provider for BOSCH Tools & DREMEL Tools UK/GB

RAI Technical Ltd

18 Hilton Crescent, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6HT (UK)

Registered in England No. 2163628 - VAT Reg No. 496 3362 14

BOSCH & DREMEL Online Distribution 

Nottingham company RAI Technical Ltd is an authorised distributor for BOSCH Tools UK/GB and DREMEL Tools UK/GB. 

We can provide all BOSCH & DREMEL products, accessories and spare parts for the following business divisions:

  • BOSCH Garden Tools

  • BOSCH DIY Tools 

  • BOSCH Professional Tools

  • BOSCH Professional Accessories

  • BOSCH Service Parts (Spare Parts)

  • DREMEL Tools & Accessories

Our range spans over 50,000 BOSCH & DREMEL products. We have a reputation for getting you the BOSCH & DREMEL parts that are difficult to source elsewhere. 


We have over 5,000 products listed on our eBay and Amazon stores. Please look on our eBay store first, as you are most likely to find the product that you need on there. Use the buttons below to visit our online stores.


If you can't find the part you require, please reach out to us using our online enquiry form

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Contact Us

RAI Technical Ltd

18 Hilton Crescent
West Bridgford

Nottingham NG2 6HT

      +44 (0115) 914 2725

Our Online Stores

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Live Support

WhatsApp: 07801 971 977

Text Us:       07801 971 977

 RAI Technical Ltd © - Registered in England No. 2163628 - VAT Reg No. 496 3362 14

An Authorised Distributor for Bosch Tools & Dremel Tools UK/GB

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